Sunday, September 1, 2013

An Actor's Library - I'LL CALL IT LIKE I SEE IT (A Lesbian Speaks Out)

I met Sheila Morris and her lovely partner Teresa at a mutual friend’s home in Palm Springs several years ago. I could tell from her accent that she was from the south, and from her conversations about politics, I thought she was a Senator. I’ve been calling her that ever since even though I now I know she has a background in accounting.

Ms. Morris writes the same way she speaks - good naturedly, with humor and with an accent. An accent on truth, family and good old Southern charm.

This book is a collection of essays (sprinkled with Sheila’s daddy's sayings) of things that are important to her: family, sports, social injustice and yes, politics. Being a city girl myself, I enjoyed reading about huge houses, tall trees and lots of land. I could almost smell the plum jelly cooking on the stove.

I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the owner & the waitress who worked at a Texas roadhouse named Holder’s.

The most touching moments for me were The Dementia Dialogues since I am currently caring for my mother who has mild to moderate cognitive impairment and I Have A Son where this lesbian author shares the unconditional love she received from her father.

I have not seen Sheila Morris since the day we met, but we have kept in touch over the years. After reading her book, I see that I was right, she will always be the “Senator” to me.

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