Saturday, October 25, 2014

Among The Stars - CICELY TYSON

I have always admired the life and career of Cicely Tyson. Just this week I had the pleasure of seeing her brilliant performance in the play The Trip To Bountiful at the Ahmanson Theatre.  

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Tyson at one of my award show stand-in jobs. I watched her rehearse and when she was finished, I decided to introduce myself in the hopes of getting some words of wisdom from this legendary artist. I walked up to her, "Ms. Tyson?". She turned toward me very attentively and I continued, "I'm nobody important but I just wanted to say....." She instantly cut me off, "Baby, never ever say you're nobody. You ARE somebody important and don't you ever forget it." I tried to laugh it off and continue, "Oh I know but..." She turned her head and went on about her business. She was through with me. Words of wisdom is what I wanted and words of wisdom is what I got even though it wasn't in the way I had imagined. And I WILL never forget it. Lesson? Words have power, you are what you speak. Be A Star Where You Are.