Monday, January 6, 2014

Among The Stars - LINDA LAVIN

You remember Alice. The hit TV show from 1976 - 1985? Sure you do. Linda Lavin played the title character.
At that time in my life, a recent college graduate and lover of the show, I could have never predicted that I would ever meet, let alone get to work with such a Hollywood icon. 
Here's a few highlights of my orbit among the stars with Linda Lavin:
I met her on the set of The Back Up Plan where she played Jennifer Lopez's  spunky grandmother. Even though Ms. Lavin and I didn't really have any dialogue together we struck up a friendship. At the time, I was working on my solo show and trying to juggle both projects at the same time. Imagine my surprise when she attended one of my performances! She showed up by herself, sat quietly in the back and clearly didn't want anyone to make a big fuss over her.
We stayed in touch when she went back home to North Carolina where she told me she and her husband had a cabaret show. I told her if I was ever in her neck of the woods, I would love to see her perform.
We spoke a couple of times over the phone and I strongly remember the time she called me while I was driving. She heard me struggling to locate my ear buds and hung up! I know it was because she had the sense to know that that was a dangerous move on my part. Who knows, Linda Lavin may have saved my life. I actually don't do that anymore because of her.

 Currently, she is starring in another TV show called Sean Saves The World and just before the holidays, she did her cabaret show at the Catalina Bar and Grill in Hollywood. Of course I was there to support her, re-connect and thank her for her kindness. So many people (cast & crew) of Sean Saves The World were there also. It was an awesome performance and I watched her graciously greet each and every person who wanted an autograph, a picture or even a hug from her.
From Alice to Sean Saves The World, this Diva is still going strong and I admire her longevity. 
 I am grateful for my brief yet very powerful Linda Lavin moments.

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