Monday, January 20, 2014

An Actor's Library - TWITTER FOR ACTORS

As a baby boomer, I had been trying to avoid getting caught up in this social media frenzy, but as you know, it has now become a way of life. As an actor, it is crucial to have a strong online presence that stands out from the crowd. Blake Jamieson’s book, TWITTER FOR ACTORS is the blueprint to make that happen. It is so concise, well written and informative, I read it in one sitting pausing only to make adjustments on my twitter page right after learning something new.
Check out the new and improved #Twitter profile for Mariana Klaveno from #TrueBlood #Dexter etc! Click the image to purchase the Twitter for Actors e-book and custom image templates for only $20!With his clear graphics and step by step instructions, you’ll have an extreme twitter make-over in minutes! Blake even gives tips on how to use twitter effectively to build relationships in the entertainment industry that will last throughout your entire career.

I was doing just that when a casting director I tweeted led me to finding my birth mother!! As a fellow adoptee, we now have a common bond deeper than any acting job could ever manifest.

No matter who you’re following on twitter, you must absolutely add @TFAcom to the list! And check out my page @CarleaseBurke to see how professional it looks after reading #TwitterForActors!!


  1. Hi Carlease, I have been so thrilled for you to be in touch with your family and applaud you for your interest in searching for genealogy and your past. I absolutely love that your father was one of the Tuskegee officers - I have admired that story and their courage for many years.
    Teresa and I have passed the Tuskegee Memorial many times in our drives from South Carolina to Texas and back and have always said we would stop but never have. Now we must. We will do so in your honor.
    I always knew you had a little of the South somewhere in your soul!!
    Love to you,
    The Senator

  2. Oops - I meant your uncle instead of your bad.

  3. Thanks Senator! Where is that memorial? My mother and I will be in Aiken, SC at the end of June.