Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ask A Stage Goddess - How Can I Make Exercise Fun?

Being an actor involves running all over town for auditions, late nights in the theater and long hours on set. It’s very important to have plenty of energy both emotionally and physically so you’ll need stamina to keep up.

Now that I’m a woman of a certain age, I realize how important it is to have an exercise regime. I’m not big on gym memberships so I’ve been experimenting with activities that I enjoy and that give me a good workout at the same time.  I find that the more fun I’m having, the more motivated I will be to keep up my routine. I’ve filled up my week since I know one phone call could change my schedule so if I miss a class one day, chances are I’ll replace it with something else the next.

Here’s a typical week of work-outs ((Remember, it’s not often that I do all of these things every week):

Monday: Water Yoga/Swimming

Tuesday: Hoop Dance

Wednesday: African Drumming (certainly not a strenuous workout but I’d like to think I burn a few calories and tone up the arms a bit)

Thursday: Pilates

Friday: Funkacize (dances and music from the 70’s/80’s taught by an actress friend of mine)

Saturday: Lots of miles along the beach bike path

These are all things that get my heart rate up, burn calories and cause those endorphins to soar!

What’s your favorite exercise?


  1. Sage advice I should heed. I enjoy walking but the strange part is that I am often too lazy to get to it. Your blog has revved me up. Tomorrow morning walk time!

  2. I'm struggling with a fitness routine and people like you certainly inspire me!

  3. :-) I love that you have mixed up various ways to stay fit, Carlease! I hate to jog - except when I am running to catch a bus - but I walk briskly for an hour every day. I enjoy walking and doing a few trips up and down the stairs - doubles up as some cardio. Here from the Ultimate Blog Challenge group on Facebook and :) Nice to meet you!

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