Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ask A Stage Goddess - What Do I Do With Only 5 Minutes of Comedy Material?

Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day 23

Today's Ask A Stage Goddess video was inspired by a question that I answered in my Carlease's Bits n Pieces monthly ezine in March 2010 when I was producing a comedy show called Laugh-A-Latte. The person asking the question was one of my students from the first graduating class of The Laugh-A-Latte Comedy Academy. I've re-posted it here exactly as it was published.

Dear Stage Goddess,
I am a recent graduate of your Stand Up Comedy workshop and I'm scheduled to go up at Hot Java for the second time this Saturday.  I just don't feel prepared.  I've been trying to write some new material and I've been meeting with my comedy buddy, but the new jokes don't seem to be working. I think I should sit this one out.
~Am I Getting Cold Feet?

Dear Cold Feet,

Gee, this sounds familiar. What you are feeling is perfectly normal.  Many brand new comics feel they must have all new material every time they take the stage. That is putting way too much pressure on yourself.  Remember, it took seven weeks to develop your first 5 minutes. You probably spent a lot of time just getting used to being on the stage, memorizing your set, getting comfortable with the mike, etc.  Now you get to play. Focus on something different this time:  try a new way of delivering your lines, connect with the audience more, do more act outs, get even more familiar with your material, rearrange your set list, etc. Kick it up a notch. Every time I take the stage, I have one specific thing I am working on for that set.  There's always room for growth no matter how long you've been doing stand up.

Definitely throw one new joke in there just to keep you on your toes.  All of this is what we call "honing your act."  It keeps you in the moment.

Also keep in mind that you will have a whole new audience who is hearing your material for the first time. You'll never get the exact same reaction.  And your fans will be listening for their favorite jokes!

You are prepared.

Take a deep breath, stand-up on those cold feet and makes us Laugh-A-Latte!

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  1. Hi Carlease, I'm from the ultimate blogging challenge and I love how your personality shines in the video! You are so very reassuring and supportive for your students.

  2. If only I could come up with one minute of material. :-) In my head, I am the best comedian in the world. Thanks for sharing.