Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ask A Stage Goddess - How Do I Dress For Success?

As an actor, a comic or a speaker you will need to have your wardrobe together at all times. Not just onstage for the characters you play or the persona you embrace for the public but it’s important for your confidence that you look good at all times. After all, image is everything especially in places like Hollywood, New York or Miami.

I understand that not everyone is a fashionista. I am one of those people. I had to learn to enjoy shopping for clothes and dressing up. I don’t even like to put on costumes for Halloween or wear more than one outfit per day. 

Here are a few tips on how to stay “camera ready” at all times:

Invest in a few quality pieces that you can mix and match.

Have clothes for different categories like casual, business and formal wear. Even your workout clothes should be stylin’. You never know who you may run into on the way to or at the gym.

Keep your outfits clean and ready to go. Check them the night before so you won’t have to scramble in the morning.

Invest in a tailor. It makes a world of difference in how you feel when your clothes fit your body perfectly.

If new clothes are not in your budget right now, try thrift or consignment stores. It takes more patience to look through so many one of a kind items but I’ve seen some great finds on friends of mine and women love to share how little we spent on a fabulous new dress or a pair of shoes.

A friend of mine in San Francisco has a swap every year where women of all sizes bring a suitcase full of gently used clothes we are no longer wearing and swap with each other.  You end up going home with that same suitcase filled with all new items. We have a huge potluck and it’s a lot of fun.

So get your act together and dress for success!

Describe your style or the one outfit that makes you feel the most confident.


  1. I enjoyed your post and video clip! I am an author and speaker and really need to be conscious of my clothing. I noticed I had a stain on my coat this afternoon. Thank you for that wonderful reminder!

  2. I really enjoyed this. I will admit that I can get a bit fashion challenged, especially on laundry day. I buy most of my clothing at garage sales but I also like thrift and consignment shops and have learned that I can get excellent quality clothing for relatively little money.
    I will admit, however, that I love wearing costumes and wouldn't mind having more Halloweens in a year.
    Thank you for explaining why clothing is important.