Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ask A Stage Goddess - What Is An Accountability Buddy?

 Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day 18

Today I would like to share about the value of an accountability buddy which is a tool that works perfectly with the mastermind I discussed in yesterday's post. An accountability buddy is someone (or more than one person) who helps you make sure you do what you say you want to do. It can be someone with similar goals and they want to see you succeed. It's a person outside of you, that keeps you motivated. It's easy to slack off if nobody knows your intention but if you share it with someone else your chances increase in successfully meeting that goal. For example working out. When I had a gym buddy who lived right across the hall for me, she would call me up in the morning and get me out of bed whereas without that external motivation, I would have rolled over and gone back to sleep when the alarm when off.
Sometimes we don't take action because of fear. We want or need to accomplish something that is a bit scary for us. In this case what we do in our mastermind group is something called a "bookend".  Say for example you'd like to be represented by a very prestigious agent. You want to call their office to ask for a meeting but you talk yourself out of it. "He'll never see me." "I'm not ready." "I've heard he only takes celebrities." So, before you make that call first discuss all of this with an accountability buddy who will remind you of all the reasons why you have nothing to lose and may also give you some tips on what to say. It is also a good idea to give yourself a deadline. After the call is made, you let your buddy know. The before and after chat is the bookend. By the way, the outcome of that call is not as important as the fact that you did it. The next time you are faced with a similar situation it will be easier.
Another one of our Ultimate Blog Challenge participants recently shared a Zig Ziglar quote, "You can have everything you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." Accountability is reciprocal. You must also be available for your buddy when they need a little push.
So review your goals and for the ones that never seem to get crossed off the list or that give you butterflies you may want to add that accountability element.

Share a goal that has you stuck and let me hold you accountable for getting it done!

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