Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ask A Stage Goddess - How Do I Hone My Craft?

 hone (v.) - refine or perfect (something) over a period of time.

As an actor, comic or writer it's a good idea to constantly and consistently improve your artistry.
Here are some ways to hone your craft:
Do some research to flesh out a story line or to make a character more 3 dimensional.
Read blogs of other artists like yourself to stay current on trends or to generate new ideas.
Follow and interact with the leaders of your field on social media. You may get their attention and actually be able to connect with them in person one day.
Take classes to improve your technique. 
Go to networking events with others in your field.
Study the work of artists your admire.
Showcase your work as much as possible. When I wanted to improve my stand up comedy writing skills and performance, I created a comedy showcase that forced me to take the stage at least once a month. I had to constantly come up with new material and it raised my comfort level as a producer and a host.
Teach! As a result of the comedy showcase, audience members began to ask me to teach them how to do stand up comedy and once I did, I saw where I could sharpen my skills. I was reminded of the joking writing formula, the many ways to deliver a punchline, etc.
Go on an artist's retreat. One of my writer friends went to a writer's colony in Hawaii to work on her screenplay and many writers I know sometimes check into a hotel to finish their latest masterpiece as the deadline approaches.

The more honed your craft is, the more you will stand out in your field.

How have you honed your craft lately?

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  1. I think this is true of any field. I love the idea of going on a retreat to work on skills! Thanks for a great post.