Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ask A Stage Goddess - How Important Is Punctuality?

This is Tip #1 in the Ask A Stage Goddess 30 Tips in 30 Days video series. Actress Carlease Burke shares tips for actors, comics and writers of all ages  & levels of experience  based on her day to day adventures in Hollywood.

Being on time for an audition is extremely important for 3 main reasons:

1) A relaxed state of mind. For me, it's much better to be calm on the way to an audition leaving plenty of time to find parking and go over my lines before walking into the casting office. If for some reason traffic is heavy, I don't get so stressed out, I'm a better driver and I arrive in a good mood. 

2) Respect. Everyone's time is valuable. It can be considered rude to keep someone waiting. Take note of how you feel when someone is late for an appointment with you. When things come up beyond your control, make sure to make a courtesy call to give a heads up. Sometimes it's better to leave even earlier than normal to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

3. Focus. It's difficult to concentrate on your audition if you're rushing out of the house, being angry at people for driving slowly and running through the door sweaty and out of breath. It's not a powerful position to be in to do your best work. Most actors have a little pre-audition ritual. Give yourself a few minutes to transition from the real world into the land of make believe.

Please share the importance of punctuality to you and your business.


  1. I'm a procrastinator by nature. These tips are great for EVERYONE to remember.

    I know when I am on time or early for things then life is more enjoyable. If I'm early for class then our class will go much smoother and we'll have more fun. If I'm running late then I swear a million things will be running through my head instead of being present.

    1. Exactly! All you can think about when you're running late is the fact that you are running late. Thanks for adding the procrastination factor. I'll have to look at that.