Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ask A Stage Goddess - So What Do I Do At The Callback?

Congratulations for getting one step closer to booking that job! We’ve talked a lot about clothes and the video below addresses why you should go in looking exactly the way you did for the first audition so let’s talk about the process.

If you ever get a script before an audition, read it! It gives you so much more to work with and a clearer picture of how your character helps to tell this story. Read your sides over including stage directions for more clues on how to enhance your character. Like I’ve said before now is not the time to come up with something completely brand new from your first audition but sometimes little subtleties can make a big difference. Make strong choices and also be able to make adjustments. The team wants to know that you can hold your own and take direction. 

In the waiting room stay focused and avoid small talk with your fellow actors until after the audition. You’ll be to notice the same faces from audition to audition. You become friends with your peers over the years, however now is not the time for a reunion party. It is rude to those in the room and a distraction from what you are there to accomplish.

There are often a lot more people in the room at the callback. Producers, writers and of course the director. It is very serious business. This is not the time to chit chat, showoff or be cute (as my mom would say). The casting director will probably read with you and you may notice that they are more serious at this level. You’re trying to get a job and they’re trying to keep theirs. Remember they want you to succeed and even if you don’t book, they look good if you “do good”.

Stay focused, do your research and be prepared.
Try to be unattached to the outcome. Do your best and move on.

Some will, Some won’t, So what…..Next!


  1. Interesting thoughts and prespective...

  2. Good advice to stay focussed, do you research and stay prepared. That works for all professions.