Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ask A Stage Goddess - When Do I Have Time For Fun?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a job where you get paid to play like in the entertainment industry. Some jobs are so structured and serious there is no room for spontaneity. Responsible, hard working people are often involved with taking of  kids, parents and businesses preventing them from experiencing playful moments. 
A life without fun and games is not only dull, it's unhealthy. The benefits of play are being able to cope with stress, support of others in a class or group activity and having a place to blow off steam. Studies have shown that laughter and listening to music can lower your blood pressure.
So if you don't have time for fun, make some! Schedule time for a class, create an interesting project for yourself or start a new hobby. 

 Here are 10 ideas to get you started:
Learn how to play an instrument.
Take an art class.
Study a new language.
Make some silly YouTube videos.
Ride a bike.
Plant a garden.
Knit something.
Have sex.
Organize a game night with friends.
Go to a comedy club.

What do you do for fun?


  1. I like to LARP or conduct a silly school unit with the kids. Fun is important!

    Cool backdrop.

    1. Thanks Melinda. The lighting does get better. (I think). What is LARP?