Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ask A Stage Goddess - How do I hold my phone when making a video selfie?

Ultimate Blog Challenge -  Day 4

While self-taping for my 30 Tips in 30 Days Challenge, I learned that the proper way to hold my iPhone is sideways, or horizontal or in the landscape position.   Even though I look thinner vertically I noticed that when I posted on YouTube there was a lot of black space on either side of the video. I remember someone telling me it would look better if I held the phone the other way but I never knew why. I went online and discovered that I had a temporary case of Vertical Video Syndrome.  The reason we should video in landscape and not portrait is because it does in fact look better on YouTube. The entire space is filled with action and if you think about it, televisions and movie screens are horizontal. So now that I’ve been cured of this fictitious disease, I can go forward making more fun, interesting and professional looking videos.


Have you ever had a case of  the VVS?


  1. Carlease,

    I have never thought about that! I'm toying with the idea of putting some video on my blog and this is great to know. :D

  2. What a service you are doing for selfie takers! (who drive me crazy, but this is actually great advice)